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http_client.h File Reference

HTTP client. More...

Data Structures

struct  vtm_http_client_req
struct  vtm_http_client_res




typedef struct vtm_http_client vtm_http_client


VTM_API vtm_http_client * vtm_http_client_new (void)
VTM_API void vtm_http_client_free (vtm_http_client *cl)
VTM_API int vtm_http_client_set_opt (vtm_http_client *cl, int opt, const void *val, size_t len)
VTM_API int vtm_http_client_request (vtm_http_client *cl, struct vtm_http_client_req *req, struct vtm_http_client_res *res)
VTM_API void vtm_http_client_res_release (struct vtm_http_client_res *res)

Macro Definition Documentation


expects bool


expects unsigned long, value is millisceonds

Function Documentation

VTM_API vtm_http_client* vtm_http_client_new ( void  )

Creates a new client.

the created client which can be used in the other functions
NULL if an error occured
VTM_API void vtm_http_client_free ( vtm_http_client *  cl)

Releases the client and all allocated resources.

After this call the client pointer is no longer valid.

clthe client that should be released
VTM_API int vtm_http_client_set_opt ( vtm_http_client *  cl,
int  opt,
const void *  val,
size_t  len 

Sets one of the possible options.

The possible options are macros starting with VTM_HTTP_CL_OPT_.

clthe client where the option should be set
optthe option that should be set
valpointer to new value of the option
lensize of the value
VTM_OK if the option was successfully set
VTM_E_NOT_SUPPORTED if the given option or the value format is not supported
VTM_ERROR if an error occured
VTM_API int vtm_http_client_request ( vtm_http_client *  cl,
struct vtm_http_client_req req,
struct vtm_http_client_res res 

Sends specified HTTP request and retrieves response.

This call blocks until the response was received or the timeout elapsed.

clthe client that should make the request
reqthe request parameters
[out]resthe response is stored here
VTM_OK if the call succeeded and a response was received
VTM_E_IO_TIMEOUT if the timeout elapsed before the response was received
VTM_E_IO_UNKNOWN or VTM_ERROR if an error occured
VTM_API void vtm_http_client_res_release ( struct vtm_http_client_res res)

Releases all allocated resources of the given response.

resthe response that should be released