File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 api.hPlatform auto detection
 buffer.hAutomatically growing buffer
 convert.hType conversion
 dataset.hNamed value storage
 elem.hBase type
 error.hError handling and codes
 flag.hHelper macros for bitwise flag manipulation
 format.hPrinting different types as string
 hash.hHash functions
 lang.hCompiler specific definitions
 list.hElem based list
 macros.hBasic macros
 map.hElem based hashmap
 math.hMath functions like overflow aware addition
 smap.hGeneric hashmap implementation
 squeue.hGeneric queue implementation
 string.hString utils
 system.hPlatform and OS dependent settings
 types.hBasic type definitions
 variant.hVariant structure
 version.hVersion info
 crypto.hCrypto module basics
 hash.hCryptographic hash functions
 config.hSupport for loading a simple configuration file
 file.hHelper functions about file handling
 log.hSimple logging to a file and to console
 mime.hDetermining MIME type of files
 path.hHelper functions dealing with relative and absolute paths
 http_client.hHTTP client
 http_context.hContext for callback functions
 http_file.hFile serving
 http_file_route.hRoute for serving static files
 http_format.hHeader value formatting
 http_memory.hGlobal server memory
 http_parser.hHTTP parser
 http_request.hHTTP request
 http_response.hHTTP response
 http_router.hHTTP router
 http_server.hHTTP server
 http_static_route.hRoute for programmed responses
 http_upgrade.hProtocol upgrade helper
 http_util.hHelper functions for authentication
 ws_client.hWebSocket client
 ws_connection.hWebSocket server-side connection
 ws_message.hWebSocket message
 ws_parser.hWebSocket protocol parser
 nm_dgram_client.hDatagram based network message client
 nm_dgram_server.hDatagram based network message server
 nm_stream_client.hConnection based network message client
 nm_stream_connection.hClient connection of network message server
 nm_stream_server.hConnection based network message server
 common.hCommon network definitions
 network.hNetwork module basics
 socket.hSocket commmunication
 socket_addr.hSocket address
 socket_connection.hStream socket connection
 socket_dgram_server.hDatagram based network server
 socket_emitter.hNonblocking data transmission
 socket_event.hSocket event definitions
 socket_listener.hEvent based socket listener (epoll, kqueue, select)
 socket_shared.hShared socket structures
 socket_spec.hSocket specification
 socket_stream_server.hConnection based network server
 socket_writer.hBuffered writing to a socket
 url.hURL parsing
 mysql.hMySQL / MariaDB Connector
 sqlite.hSQLite3 Connector
 sql.hSQL module basics
 sql_connection.hDatabase connection
 sql_result.hResult set
 sql_statement.hPrepared statement
 atomic.hAtomic memory access
 base64.hBASE64 encoding and decoding
 json.hJSON encoding
 latch.hThread synchronisation helper
 mutex.hMutex and condition variables
 process.hProcess helper functions
 serialization.hSerialization helper
 signal.hSignal handling
 spinlock.hSimple spinlock
 thread.hThreading support
 time.hTime functions