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latch.h File Reference

Thread synchronisation helper. More...

Data Structures

struct  vtm_latch


VTM_API int vtm_latch_init (struct vtm_latch *latch, unsigned int count)
VTM_API void vtm_latch_release (struct vtm_latch *latch)
VTM_API void vtm_latch_count (struct vtm_latch *latch)
VTM_API void vtm_latch_await (struct vtm_latch *latch)

Function Documentation

VTM_API int vtm_latch_init ( struct vtm_latch latch,
unsigned int  count 

Initializes a new latch.

latchpointer to the latch, can be on stack or heap
countinitial counter of the latch
VTM_OK when the latch was successfully initialized
VTM_ERROR when the latch could not be initialized
VTM_API void vtm_latch_release ( struct vtm_latch latch)

Releases all resources of the given latch

latchthe latch which should be released
VTM_API void vtm_latch_count ( struct vtm_latch latch)

Decrements the latch counter by one.

If the counter reaches zero, all threads waiting in vtm_latch_await() are released and continue their execution.

latchthe target latch
VTM_API void vtm_latch_await ( struct vtm_latch latch)

Waits until the latch counter reaches zero.

latchthe target latch