Data Fields
vtm_date Struct Reference

Data Fields

int year
unsigned int month
unsigned int day_of_week
unsigned int day_of_month
unsigned int day_of_year
unsigned char hour
unsigned char minute
unsigned char second
uint64_t ts

Field Documentation

int vtm_date::year


unsigned int vtm_date::month

Month (0-11)

unsigned int vtm_date::day_of_week

Day of week (0-6, Monday=0)

unsigned int vtm_date::day_of_month

Day of month (1-31)

unsigned int vtm_date::day_of_year

Day of year, (0-365, 1. Jan=0)

unsigned char vtm_date::hour

Hours (0-23)

unsigned char vtm_date::minute

Minutes (0-59)

unsigned char vtm_date::second

Seconds (0-60, leap second possible)

uint64_t vtm_date::ts

Seconds since 1970-01-01 UTC