Data Fields
vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct vtm_socket_addr addr
struct vtm_socket_tls_cfg tls
struct vtm_socket_stream_srv_cbs cbs
unsigned int backlog
unsigned int events
unsigned int threads

Field Documentation

struct vtm_socket_addr vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts::addr

The binding address and port TLS options if necessary

struct vtm_socket_stream_srv_cbs vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts::cbs

Callbacks to use

unsigned int vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts::backlog

Length of queue for pending incoming connections

unsigned int vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts::events

Maximum number of socket events per iteration, should be at least equal or larger than the number of threads

unsigned int vtm_socket_stream_srv_opts::threads

Number of worker threads to use. Setting this value to zero lets the server run in single threaded mode.