Data Fields
vtm_sql_result Struct Reference

Data Fields

char ** columns
size_t col_count
size_t row_count
enum vtm_sql_result_state state
void * res_data
void * res_owner
int(* fn_fetch_row )(struct vtm_sql_result *res, vtm_dataset *row)
int(* fn_fetch_all )(struct vtm_sql_result *res)
void(* fn_finish )(struct vtm_sql_result *res)
void(* fn_release )(struct vtm_sql_result *res)
void(* fn_release_owner )(void *owner)

Field Documentation

char** vtm_sql_result::columns

pointer to array of column names

size_t vtm_sql_result::col_count

number of columns

vtm_dataset* vtm_sql_result::rows

pointer to array of rows

size_t vtm_sql_result::row_count

number of rows