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dataset.h File Reference

Named value storage. More...

Data Structures

struct  vtm_dataset
struct  vtm_dataset_entry




typedef struct vtm_dataset vtm_dataset


VTM_API void vtm_dataset_init (vtm_dataset *ds, unsigned int hints)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_release (vtm_dataset *ds)
VTM_API vtm_datasetvtm_dataset_new (void)
VTM_API vtm_datasetvtm_dataset_newh (unsigned int hints)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_free (vtm_dataset *ds)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_clear (vtm_dataset *ds)
VTM_API vtm_list * vtm_dataset_entryset (vtm_dataset *ds)
VTM_API bool vtm_dataset_contains (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API int vtm_dataset_remove (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API struct vtm_variantvtm_dataset_get_variant (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_variant (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, struct vtm_variant *var)
VTM_API int8_t vtm_dataset_get_int8 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_int8 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, int8_t val)
VTM_API uint8_t vtm_dataset_get_uint8 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uint8 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, uint8_t val)
VTM_API int16_t vtm_dataset_get_int16 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_int16 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, int16_t val)
VTM_API uint16_t vtm_dataset_get_uint16 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uint16 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, uint16_t val)
VTM_API int32_t vtm_dataset_get_int32 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_int32 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, int32_t val)
VTM_API uint32_t vtm_dataset_get_uint32 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uint32 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, uint32_t val)
VTM_API int64_t vtm_dataset_get_int64 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_int64 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, int64_t val)
VTM_API uint64_t vtm_dataset_get_uint64 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uint64 (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, uint64_t val)
VTM_API bool vtm_dataset_get_bool (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_bool (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, bool val)
VTM_API char vtm_dataset_get_char (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_char (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, char val)
VTM_API signed char vtm_dataset_get_schar (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_schar (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, signed char val)
VTM_API unsigned char vtm_dataset_get_uchar (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uchar (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, unsigned char val)
VTM_API short vtm_dataset_get_short (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_short (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, short val)
VTM_API unsigned short vtm_dataset_get_ushort (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_ushort (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, unsigned short val)
VTM_API int vtm_dataset_get_int (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_int (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, int val)
VTM_API unsigned int vtm_dataset_get_uint (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_uint (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, unsigned int val)
VTM_API long vtm_dataset_get_long (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_long (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, long val)
VTM_API unsigned long vtm_dataset_get_ulong (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_ulong (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, unsigned long val)
VTM_API float vtm_dataset_get_float (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_float (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, float val)
VTM_API double vtm_dataset_get_double (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_double (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, double val)
VTM_API const char * vtm_dataset_get_string (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_string (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, const char *val)
VTM_API void * vtm_dataset_get_pointer (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name)
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_set_pointer (vtm_dataset *ds, const char *name, void *val)

Macro Definition Documentation


No special behaviour


Field names are treated as static and are not copied


Field names are treated case insensitive

Function Documentation

VTM_API void vtm_dataset_init ( vtm_dataset ds,
unsigned int  hints 

Initializes a new dataset.

[out]dsthe dataset that should be initialized
hintsone or a combination of hints
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_release ( vtm_dataset ds)

Releases the dataset.

All stored values are also released.

dsthe dataset that should be released
VTM_API vtm_dataset* vtm_dataset_new ( void  )

Creates a new dataset on the heap with default hints.

the created dataset
NULL if memory allocation failed
VTM_API vtm_dataset* vtm_dataset_newh ( unsigned int  hints)

Creates a new dataset on the heap with given hints.

the created dataset
NULL if memory allocation failed
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_free ( vtm_dataset ds)

Releases the dataset and frees the pointer.

After this call the dataset pointer is no longer valid.

dsthe dataset that should be freed
VTM_API void vtm_dataset_clear ( vtm_dataset ds)

Removes all entries from the dataset.

dsthe dataset that should be cleared
VTM_API vtm_list* vtm_dataset_entryset ( vtm_dataset ds)

Retrieves a list containing all dataset entries.

dsthe dataset whose entry list should be retrieved
VTM_API bool vtm_dataset_contains ( vtm_dataset ds,
const char *  name 

Checks if the dataset has an entry with given name.

dsthe datset that should be checked
namethe fieldname
true if the dataset has an entry with the given name
false otherwise
VTM_API int vtm_dataset_remove ( vtm_dataset ds,
const char *  name 

Removes the entry with given name from the dataset.

dsthe dataset where the entry should be removed
namethe fieldname
VTM_OK if the entry was successfully removed
VTM_E_NOT_FOUND if the dataset has no entry with given name