core Directory Reference


file  api.h
 Platform auto detection.
file  buffer.h
 Automatically growing buffer.
file  convert.h
 Type conversion.
file  dataset.h
 Named value storage.
file  elem.h
 Base type.
file  error.h
 Error handling and codes.
file  flag.h
 Helper macros for bitwise flag manipulation.
file  format.h
 Printing different types as string.
file  hash.h
 Hash functions.
file  lang.h
 Compiler specific definitions.
file  list.h
 Elem based list.
file  macros.h
 Basic macros.
file  map.h
 Elem based hashmap.
file  math.h
 Math functions like overflow aware addition.
file  smap.h
 Generic hashmap implementation.
file  squeue.h
 Generic queue implementation.
file  string.h
 String utils.
file  system.h
 Platform and OS dependent settings.
file  types.h
 Basic type definitions.
file  variant.h
 Variant structure.
file  version.h
 Version info.